Keratin Infused Perfect Hold Hairspray


Keep your gorgeous ‘do in place from day to night. Keratherapy’s Perfect Hold Hairspray holds your look in one spot and allows you to style your hair any way you want. Once dry, it gives your hair a soft, shiny finish, making for a naturally healthy look. Its keratin content penetrates the hair fibers and nourishes the hair shaft from root to tip. The protein makes your hair stronger, reduces breakage, and prevents split ends. It also delivers a boost of moisture without making your hair feel weighed down. Its fast-drying formula is perfect for people on the go—simply wait a few seconds for the spray to dry and you’re ready to head out the door. The container produces a fine mist to help concentrate the product on one area or easily lock in your entire look by holding the can further away.

10 oz



  • Versatile and works with different types of hair.
  • Fast-drying with a firm hold.
  • Gives your look a weightless layer of protection from humidity.
  • Leaves hair glamorous and soft to the touch.


  • Cacao Seed Extract: The hairspray is infused with magnesium, vitamin C, antioxidants, and omega-6 fatty acids to add brilliant luster and conditioning to the hair.
  • Passion Flower Extract: Helps control frizz and protects the hair from humidity.
  • Papaya Fruit Extract: Works with passion flower extract to further guard the locks against humid weather.


Position the can about 8-12 inches away from head and spray it onto dry, styled hair. For more volume, tilt your head and spray the formula from the roots to mid-length while gently lifting the hair. Repeat until you get the desired hold and look.


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